Thursday, October 12, 2006

Something is, as they say, better then nothing.

And that is what is behind this post. Yes, I'm still here and active. My apologies for not posting more but the past three weeks have been anything but kind to me or, for that matter, the grid of Second Life.

Just as I was about to set out on a new pathway with my explorations with Second Life, a serious of grid attacks began to occur. On top of that, technical problems and updates at Linden Labs has caused the grid to be down just about every single time I've tried to log on. And, when I've actually ported in-world, there has been bad lag or I've only had about a half hour before falling asleep. But, enough complaining...

Just a quick note that I'm going to take the small break and use it as a small gap between the old blog and the new blog. Soon, very soon, you should notice a small shift in things here. I hope you enjoy it.

And thats not all! Seems there is another between-worlds-crossover happening in the land of New York City. The basics is that a well-known builder in-world will be sitting in a window in downtown NYC for 72 hours where she will be not only living there but will also be creating, in-world, a replica of the New York streets around her. You can read more about it and get video feeds here.

So, any of you out-worlders that want to get an idea of how things work, check it out.

Anc check back here. There's some fun in the works...


kayla said...

The Reporter is Real, but the World He Covers isn't--Reuters embeds a reporter in Second Life.

“The fact that it’s in a virtual world doesn’t change things as much as you’d think,” said Mr. Pasick, 30, a Michigan native based in London. “It’s not any different than when Reuters opens up a bureau in a part of the world that has a fast-growing economy that we weren’t in before. The laws of supply and demand hold true, it has a currency exchange, people open businesses and get paid for goods and services."

Heh. The dig at WoW is pretty funny, too.

Anyway, thought you'd dig the story. See you around!1


RustyBuchanan said...

That's awesome, Kayla. Thanks!